07 Mar

Obtaining Dental Veneers in the City of London

Even though you may have heard of porcelain dental veneers, you may also want to know more about resin ones. While both types of veneer are mainly for aesthetic purposes, you may find that each material comes with advantages and disadvantages. Today, you can have access to both porcelain and resin dental veneers when you visit a dentist in the City of London. Depending on your situation, you may find that one type of veneer will suit your needs better than the other.
If you are concerned about the long term durability of your natural teeth, it may make more sense to go with resin veneers. Among other things, you dentist will have to remove less enamel and dentin in order to place the veneers. You will also find that resin veneers are lighter, and can be much more comfortable. As may be expected, resin veneers are also much cheaper.
When you are having a smile makeover, it is best to choose materials that will not stain or crack. Unfortunately, resin is more prone to both conditions. On the other hand, you can enjoy most of your favorite foods without having to worry about staining porcelain veneers. If you are looking to cover teeth that are chipped or cracked, porcelain veneers will also prove to be more durable in the long term. Ideally, you should do what you can to purchase porcelain veneers for your front teeth.
Aside from keeping your mouth and teeth healthy, modern dentistry also strives to make your mouth as beautiful as possible. This includes making use of dental veneers to cover up imperfections in individual teeth. Regardless of whether you are trying to fix discolorations, or broken teeth, dental veneers can offer a fairly easy remedy. Fortunately, the availability of resin veneers can also make this procedure available to people that cannot afford porcelain ones.