16 Aug

Opting for a Bridge in the City of London

Tooth loss is a shocker at the best of times, but if you’re mixing it up with the best of them in the city of London, you really could be in trouble, as the place demands you to look your best at all times. There are many ways to overcome the problem, but probably the most reliable and durable method is to opt for a dental bridge. It says something about this treatment that it has been around for so long and has learnt to evolve as new materials and techniques have come along in dentistry. Probably the most common form of bridge is one that plugs a hole between to surviving teeth, as it has something to anchor itself to. Normally, the new prosthetic tooth will be moulded between two adjacent crowns that are then cemented onto the adjacent teeth (this new tooth can also be bonded in with wires and resin). This type of bridge can also be used over a wider gap but will require the placement of one or two mini-implants in order to anchor the bridge firmly against the gums in the middle. Other more tiny bridges are used if a tooth is replaced against a single remaining tooth, again, this can be bonded on with wires and resin. Whatever bridge you get, you are going to have to learn how to clean under and around them- your dentist should be able to illuminate you with the methods of bridge care.