05 Dec

Opting for a Dental Implant in London

There are many things that can shock and scare you in life, but losing a tooth must be up there on that list as it has many implications attached to it; ageing, the loss of beauty and also further health problems to your mouth, but all of these can and should be addressed immediately by getting a replacement. A partial denture may suffice and will do an admirable job, but if you are looking for something more permanent, you should look into the possibility of getting a dental implant fitted into your jaw bone. An implant takes over from your original root, is strong, free from infection and once it has been placed, it will be with you to the end. The process is a simple one: a laser will burn a small hole through the gum tissue and into your jaw. Then, a small titanium rod is screwed in to take the place of the original tooth’s root. Now you have the perfect foundation to attach the replacement crown to, or in fact a dental bridge in the case of multiple tooth loss. It is because of how refined the treatment has become that you can have several implants placed in a day if required which ironically, is what a lot of people are using to keep their dentures in. Costs have tumbled over the years, but your dentist will be only too willing to spread the costs with a payment plan but that’s really something to think about later on. The important thing is to get you patched up and back onto the streets ofLondonso that you can get back to a normal life.