25 May

Opting for a Porcelain Crown in London

Porcelain is an incredibly natural material: when light kisses it, it absorbs it and then cascades it back out again- it loves light and light loves it too, for it stimulates it and brings it to light, just like the fresh enamel of your teeth can when it is in good nick. When thing go wrong with your teeth though, the use of porcelain if the preferred choice to patch you up again. If you have suffered from serious decay or even tooth-loss, having a crown fitted in London is a good way to get your teeth back in shape and if you prefer the natural approach, then you will want to get a porcelain crown. These can be very strong, especially if you get a porcelain-over-metal crown: this will offer strength where it may be needed, like towards the back of the mouth. You can also get pure porcelain crowns- these are a little more fragile and should only be used in places where they won’t have to do much work. Both ways, they will fit right into the aesthetics of your smile and no-one will ever know that you have had a problem in the first place.