06 Jan

Oral Cancer- Causes, Symptoms and Treatments in the City of London

It’s a very grey area as to what exactly causes cancer, except with the mouth, where some of the causes are far more obvious. But being diagnosed with the problem can be shocking. In the modern, fast moving world in the city of London, things that are bad for you are easy to find. Smoking, excessive drinking and cheap foodstuffs all get loaded into the mouth. They affect our diet and weaken the immune system and can cause all manner of problems in the mouth that can lead to oral cancer; combined with poor oral hygiene and infrequent visits to the dentist- you are putting yourself at high risk. What’s worse, if you don’t go to the dentists regularly and aren’t aware of the symptoms, it’s a good chance you won’t even know you have a problem until it’s too late and as we all know, cancer is a lot more easy to treat in the early stages. There are many symptoms to look out for; constant dry patches in the mouth, sore and ulcers that refuse to disappear, loose teeth, recurring earaches, swallowing pains and halitosis- this is the time to get to the dentist for an examination and a tissue diagnosis. If there are signs of cancer, further tests will be required to analyse the extent of the problem. Treatment, again, relies on how far down the line the disease is. It may take chemo, radio or biological surgery- even physical surgery to remove all the cancerous cells. But the treatment and understanding of cancer has advanced tremendously and success rates have soared in beating this problem.