01 Nov

Oral Cancer in London

The reported cases of mouth cancer in Britain are on the increase, a fact echoed by a London dentist. But like any cancers, they are easier to tackle if caught in their early stages and treatments for the problem have advanced tremendously over the past twenty years. With any problem that arises in the mouth, it highlights the importance of regular dental visits and the need for self awareness of the symptoms. In it’s infancy, oral cancer can be difficult to spot but there are several ways of detecting a problem; ulcers that don’t seem to heal, an ongoing sore throat, lumps and patches in the mouth, constant swelling in the neck or jaw, difficulty of swallowing or chewing, earaches and nasal problems. If any of these problems persist, an immediate visit to the dentist is recommended. But there are ways to avoid the problem before it get to this stage and a consultation with a dentist will help you to prevent these problems from developing. Good oral hygiene is always a must as is maintaining a good diet. Avoiding smoking and heavy drinking is also high on the agenda. And should the worst case scenario manifest itself, modern treatments and techniques are at hand to give you the best chance of beating the disease.