10 May

Oral Care for Kids, how we can take the lead and make it fun; by a London dentist

Unlike walking and talking, oral care doesn’t come natural to our children, we have to teach them that little trick ourselves and the earlier the better advises a London dentist. The trick here is to start early and make it a family fun thing, kids love to associate fun and happy things to new learning activities. It is also important to talk to them and describe in kids chat what happens when they do something. Let’s take flossing, even little folk need to floss and if you explain that this gets rid of food debris in between the teeth, they will be able to relate to that and will be thinking about it as they do it. Brushing in itself is an art form, many adults don`t know how to brush their teeth properly, and so they need to see the dental surgery hygiene nurse. Take the kids to the chemist and let them be part of the process of choosing a brush, get them and the assistant in the chemist to talk about which one is best, and why. They will notice the word Fluoride on many products, fluoride is a natural element found in water sources all over the world, even the designer ones. Contrary to common belief fluoride isn`t put into our water, it is good for kids to know what it is and why it is good for us. Fluoride is an alkaline that neutralises acid in the mouth, this acid eats away at our teeth and is the main cause of early tooth loss. Fluoride also coats the teeth to protect it from bacteria. If kids are aware of oral care and why it is so important, you`ll find that they will look after their teeth. In the long run that will save you a lot of money with less time spent in the dentist`s chair.