09 Feb

Oral freedom through Dental Implants in London

Tooth loss can always come as a wake-up call if it has occurred as a direct result of poor oral hygiene, because if you don’t heed the warnings, you could well be facing the prospect of losing all of your teeth in London. Injury can also result in tooth loss, but what ever the cause, in all cases the teeth need to be replaced as soon as possible to maintain the health of your mouth. One of the most secure, strongest and permanent options you have is to have a dental implant fitted. With modern technology and keyhole laser surgery, an implant can be placed with exact precision at the point of where the tooth has been lost. It involves using a laser to make a hole through the gum issue and then in the jaw bone so that the small titanium rod can be screwed into place. A laser cause’s minimal damage, so healing is quick, meaning that the new crown can be attached to the implant almost immediately. Implants placement has become so refined and exact that they are now being used for total tooth loss, giving the patient total freedom, and it may well be the best answer to the wearing of dentures in the near future.