07 Jul

Oral health boxes are the latest subscription trend

Subscriptions have become increasingly popular in recent years, with consumers signing up for everything from beauty products to edible treats. Now, a new trend has emerged, as oral health boxes represent the latest in wellness subscription trends. 

Sydney-based dentist, FY Smile, has launched the Complete Oral Wellness Subscription, offering customers the opportunity to receive a curated collection of oral hygiene products through the post and access to exclusive oral health services.

The service is designed to offer an alternative to going for a professional clean for those who are nervous about undergoing dental treatment.

Dr Fadi Yassmin, the founder of the service, has hand-picked products to provide clients with everything they need to maintain a bright, healthy smile at home. The clinic has described the subscription as a “game changer” and markets the service as a convenient, simple way to take care of the teeth without making regular trips to the dentist. 

The product collection features an innovative AI (artificial intelligence) device, which sends information directly to the clinic to allow for remote monitoring by the dental team. The device is placed inside the mouth and it records visual data, which is then transferred to the practice.

The team monitors oral health each month, enabling patients to keep up with oral care without going to the dentist frequently. 

Additional products and perks include an instant tooth whitening kit, access to priority concierge services, gum health analysis and four dental therapy sessions. The cost starts at $240 per month.