10 May

Oral Hygiene and Diabetes, is there a link? We ask a Central London dentist

Recent reports have linked Diabetes problems with a poor oral hygiene program. If you have a bad or poor regime then infections will be a constant problem in your mouth. Where a cut is caused by a weakened gum, bacteria can leak into the blood system and roam around the body says a Central London dentist. Diabetes causes the body enough problems already, so the last thing it needs is more problems from a distant area of the body. All that is required from a diabetic is a good oral program, and that means keeping bacterium down to a safe level. For a diabetic the most dangerous time is when they are sleeping, for it is at this time that our saliva gland also sleeps. Keeping fresh water by the bed will allow the mouth to keep itself salivated; and clear from bacterium. Fluoride is naturally in water and this will not only neutralise acid build up, but it will kill off the bacterium that damages our tooth enamel. All these things will almost eliminate infections in the gums and keep them strong and healthy, which will in turn prevent infectious bacterium from entering our blood system, and causing our organs and blood production more problems. Flossing will also help enormously, and so it is important to do it right and to do it on a regular basis. Food debris is what bacteria feeds on, and the most common places it gets trapped in is in between the teeth. Brushing alone won`t remove it, and so flossing and sometimes a tooth pick will be needed. There`s a lot more to diabetes and oral hygiene than most of us give credit for, so if you are diabetic keep this in mind when caring for your teeth and you`ll have a lot less problems.