09 Aug

Oral Hygiene and the causes of bad breath. By a City of London dentist

Bad Breath can be caused by many things, but the most common is a lax Oral Hygiene program says a City of London dentist. The problem is that most of people who suffer from this affliction are their own worst enemy, they have a lax approach to dental hygiene and it is this that is the main cause of the problem. However, help is at hand in the form of information that explains what exactly bad breath is. It is a culmination of activity in the mouth that produces acid and other material such as Tartar, the acid is made by bacteria feeding off the food pieces that get left behind. Too much sugar in our food is also a major cause of acid production, especially as too much sugar in the blood causes our saliva glands to stop working properly. A dry mouth is the bacteria`s best friend as it allows acid to become concentrated, it is this concentration that produces a by-product in the form of a bad odour. By just keeping our mouths free of food particles and watered throughout the day, will help keep that bad breath at bay. It is also important to floss, brush and rinse rigorously first and last thing. Keeping a tooth pick that doubles up as a floss stick with you, and using it each time you eat, will keep acid down all day as well. It isn`t enough to just clean our teeth twice a day anymore, there is far too many additives in our snacks and fast foods and these agitate the bad breath problem.