05 Nov

Oral hygiene in the city of London

Any dentist in the city of London will tell you that good oral hygiene is central in the fight against tooth decay. If bacterial plaque is allowed to build up it forms tartar- leading to cavities and infection of the gums. Cavities (or caries) occur on the chewing surface of the tooth. These are hard to reach and the build up of acids begin the decay process. Gums will bleed and infection will set in. Brushing is paramount- choosing the right brush and tooth paste is too. Dentists recommend cleaning at least twice a day and after meals with a brush that is designed for you. Bleeding gums can be combated by rinsing with warm, salty water. But food has a habit of getting in places where the brush will not reach. This calls for flossing to remove the food and check the build up of plaque. Keeping the tongue clean is important, by light brushing and mouthwashes. A dentist will also advocate professional cleaning twice a year, de-scaling and polishing the teeth, and if required, debridement, followed by a good fluoride treatment. A good diet helps in the growth of healthy, strong teeth. Vitamin’s A and C, and polyphenol antioxidants can be found in fruit and vegetables, green tea, milk and cheese, all will maintain a ph balance in the mouth. Keeping your mouth healthy is important to the whole of body. Bad oral hygiene can lead to pneumonia, heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis (weak bones}. Always consult with your dentist