25 Apr

Orthodontic Options To Straighten The Front Teeth

Baker Street Dental is proud to offer an array of treatment options for patients with orthodontic issues. We have treatments available to cater for everyone, from teenagers who are looking for a discreet solution, to adults who are seeking a rapid method of straightening the front teeth. Whatever your needs, we have it covered!
There are treatments available for all kinds of orthodontic issues and to provide fast and effective remedies for minor, moderate and complex issues. Some appliances focus on the front teeth, while others are designed to bring about a large amount of movement.
Treatment for the front teeth
Often, patients come to us looking for a treatment to address fairly minor issues, usually with the front teeth. In this case, intensive treatment is not required and we explore treatment options, which are specifically designed to address issues with the social 6, the name given to the top and bottom six teeth at the front of the mouth. These are the teeth that can be seen when you smile, so it’s important that they look good.
Our options include:
Six Month Smiles: a fixed ceramic brace treatment, which concentrates on the social 6 and corrects orthodontic issues in just 6 months. This brace uses self-ligating technology to offer comfort, as well as speed and the braces are colour-matched to the natural teeth for discretion.
Inman Aligner: this is one of the speediest treatments around, taking just 6-16 weeks to produce incredible results. The aligner is removable and it uses the latest technology to prevent pain. It is suitable for patients with minor orthodontic issues, as well as those who have suffered relapse following previous treatment.
STb Social 6 braces: these braces are lingual braces, which means that they sit behind the teeth, rather than being fixed to the front like traditional braces. STb Social 6 braces work incredibly quickly and are an ideal solution for patients looking for a quick fix with the added bonus of complete invisibility.
Invisalign: this removable, clear aligner system offers a discreet and flexible alternative to traditional fixed braces and is suitable for a wide range of patients. Invisalign aligners work as a series and they are virtually invisible to others when you smile.