15 Jul

Orthodontic straightening with Invisalign from City of London dentist

When you think of the perfect smile you think of healthy looking, pink gummed, white teeth all in a straight line. Looking after your teeth and gums with oral hygiene will keep the gums pink and the teeth white but there is little you can do naturally to ensure the teeth are straight. For the many patients who naturally have crooked or misaligned teeth, it can often be very frustrating that they cannot have the smile they really want. This is why so many patients turn to orthodontic treatment such as braces to straighten the teeth.
The traditional fixed metal braces are very effective but they also have a number of drawbacks. These include: the length of treatment, the aesthetic impact of the braces and the comfort issue. However, patients were often without much choice as they were few other effective options. That was until about 10 years ago when people really started to focus on improving orthodontic treatment and addressing some of these concerns.
One of the key breakthroughs made was called Invisalign. These were a series of clear, one millimetre thick plastic braces that could not only straighten teeth just as effectively as metal braces but could do it six months faster and with minimal visual impact. Each Invisalign retainer is worn for about three weeks before being replaced by another. Each time, small adjustments gradually manoeuvre the teeth into a straighter, more desirable position. In total, there are between twenty and thirty retainers need for the average treatment meaning that it will usually take around 18 months.
The other major benefit of the Invisalign system from a City of London dentist is that the braces are completely removable. This makes cleaning the teeth far easier and lessens the chances of discolouration during orthodontic treatment.