03 Jun

Overcoming an Abscessed Tooth in the City of London

2912114_blogWhen you are caught cold and dental emergency crops up, it is not easy to know what to do once you have got over the initial shock and one of the most painful and dangerous emergencies of all, that can strike in the city of London is when a tooth abscess erupts. Yes it will be painful, but your face will also blow up like a balloon and you need to seek instant aid. Now for some lucky people, it may just dissipate, in which you can then get treated, but for others it may well get worse. Whilst all this is going on, it will poison your blood and it has been known in rare cases to shut down the brain and be fatal. If you can’t find a dentist, find a hospital, because the only way to stem the flow of poison into the body is with antibiotics, which must be taken at once. This will also reduce the swelling and then after a few days, you can be treated for tooth decay- the cause of an abscess- with root canal treatment. But don’t think that’s the end of it: you have opened up a dark portal through which an abscess loves to return and in the end, the tooth may well have to come out anyway to stop this from happening again.