04 Aug

Overcoming Tooth Decay in London

Tooth decay is one of those conditions you rather try to avoid in London; however, as long as you retain a high level oral hygiene and keep up your bi-yearly dental check-ups, you should have no problem doing so. Plaque seems to be where every problem in the mouth begins and it’s also what causes tooth decay as well, releasing acids and bacteria onto the tooth’s enamel, normally these would have come from high starch and sugar contents in your food and drinks. Over a sustained period of growth, these acids will slowly but surely work their way through the enamel and into the inside of the tooth, and once there, the will infect the pulp and roots of the tooth- now you are well on the way to tooth loss. An x-ray at your dentist’s should be able to reveal the extent of the damage if you have been suffering from tooth pain of late. If you have caught the problem early on, all you will need to rectify the problem is a filling, otherwise if the scenario is worse; you will require root canal treatment to save the tooth. However, if these counter measures are not done, the tooth will not only rot and have to be removed, but you could also be setting yourself up for periodontal disease and gum disease as well.