05 May

Overcoming Tooth Pain in the City of London

There is nothing worse or more annoying in the city of London than tooth pain it can strike at leisure and has no care for where you may be, or who you may be with at the time. The point is however, it is an indication that you may well have a caries or worse, tooth decay could have set in and there is a reason for this- you have been lazy with your oral hygiene and /or been missing out on the odd trip to the dentist.
Tooth pain is not just about the decay though, although it usually plays a part in tooth problems such as an abscess and gum disease; it can also be caused by grinding, the eruption of new teeth, jaw disorders or cracked teeth. Overcoming these problems can be solved quickly at the dentists or over a period of time at the dentists. Caught quickly, the onset of tooth decay can be cured with a filling, at worse- root canal treatment. Gum disease is more complex and will take a lot harder work from both you and your dentist to overcome, Jaw disorders again can be complex- basic occlusion problems can be solved by teeth straightening, but jaw damage may require surgery; such damage to the jaws can be caused by teeth grinding that also leads to toothache- again, not easy to remedy.
The eruption of new teeth into the mouth however is a matter of grinning and bearing it until they come through. There are soothing gels, herbal remedies and painkillers that can be used to thwart this problem.