12 Jan

Painless Dentistry in Central London with Waterlase

The invention of the laser has had as much of an impact in central London as the computer. It’s used in all walks of life, from engineering, to lighting displays through to medical procedures. So, it was only a matter of time before it found its way into the dentist’s surgery, in the form of Waterlase. Traditional drilling produces vibration and can lead to minute cracks in the teeth and generates a lot of heat in the process whereas laser surgery is extremely precise an accurate and eliminates all of these problems with one very attractive bonus- it’s very fast and almost painless, hence eliminating the need for anaesthetics. Using a laser to treat decayed areas in the mouth virtually eliminates bleeding and post surgery damage. It is perfect for cavity and root canal treatment doing the job of a drill with more accuracy and far less stresses on the surrounding tooth. Waterlase is also becoming more widely used in dental implant surgery, allowing the implant to be placed precisely, causing minimal damage to the surrounding gum tissue and shortening healing times. Finally, a laser also eliminates the need of a scalpel that can seriously cause damage to gum tissue, thus making it perfect for gum contouring to eliminate the gummy smile.