27 Jan

Parents get advice on child’s dental care from city of London dentist

Looking after your child’s dental health is an important part of being a parent. Dental health can be easily maintained with the right care and can help to set up your children for a lifetime of healthy-looking teeth.
Firstly, it is important to remember that your child’s dental health starts even before they are born. Expectant mothers should be consuming calcium-rich food to aid the production of healthy teeth and bones. Fortified cereals, dairy products and soy are ideal for this. Looking after your baby’s teeth before they have fully developed is also important so remember to wipe the guns to prevent plaque build up. It is also a good idea to take your baby to the dentist around its first birthday to check dental development.
Children under two should not be brushing teeth with toothpaste, just water, but after that age a small amount is necessary. Make sure to teach your children proper brushing techniques, which you can learn from a City of London dentist. Correct brushing techniques developed early can lead to a lifetime of well-cleaned teeth. And don’t forget to stress the importance of flossing.
Above all, take a healthy interest in your child’s dental development but try not to be too overbearing. Keep trips to the dentist and dental advice fun and rewarding so that your child builds up a positive picture of dental health and it doesn’t become a chore. And remember, City of London dentists are always available to help parents with their child’s dental care.