22 Apr

Parents In London, Protect Your Child From Cavities

When your child transitions from a baby bottle to a sippy cup, this is a big development. The dentists in London make a very strong note to all parents to not give juices to their kids in sippy cups.The reason behind this fact is that as long as those juices or sugary drinks stay in the sippy cups, it is for that period of time that your toddler is going to be exposed to them, which is a major contributor to cause cavities.
Therefore it is expressed time and time again by London dentists to all the parents that they should give water to their toddlers in the sippy cups instead. The juices or sugary drinks only cause the kids to be at high risk for tooth decay.
There are some important facts that parents should always take into consideration and this includes to never ever let your child sleep with a sippy cup having any sugary drink, they should only be given water.
At meal time, sippy cups should always contain water. Another important fact that needs to be taken into consideration is that sippy cups are not to be used for a prolonged period of time in a day.
Using sippy cups for your toddlers is a major landmark and it is the time when most care is needed to prevent your child from developing any tooth problems at such a young age. Prevention now can avert serious dental conditions from happening in future.