20 Apr

Patients wanting to know more about dental bonding ask their Central London dentists for more information

The formation of cavities in teeth is an unfortunate fact of life for many people. Sometimes the brushing technique is inadequate, sometimes general health problems or a troubled personal life can lead to lapses in oral hygiene which cause holes to occur in teeth. It can be a painful process and your dentist will need to sort it out as soon as possible. Cavity formation does not just stop at will; once it has started your teeth will continue to break down and become useless unless the holes are filled.
Your Central London dentist is able to fill these holes as a matter of routine; they are trained to do such things. While in the past, metal might have been used, patients and professionals alike are happy that dental bonding tends to gain preference these days. What this amounts to is that patients have their cavities filled with a white, composite material that is easier to work with, producing results which are more accurate and far more pleasant to look at.
One question that many patients wish to ask their dentists about is just how long these dental bonding fillings will last in the mouth. Unfortunately everything has a life span. Just as your teeth experience wear and tear, so too do fillings carried out using dental bonding. Different studies have shown up different results for how long dental bonding lasts but most estimates tend to show results somewhere between five and ten years. Given the relatively low cost of having dental bonding work carried out, this still represents good value. It is a small price to pay to protect your teeth from prolonged and damaging decay.