17 Jul

Patients with bad breath in the City of London seek advice from dentists

There are few things more embarrassing than suffering from bad breath. The worst thing about it is that sometimes you might not even notice. Some people become so used to it that are quite unaware of the fact that their breath does not smell very nice. In gaining an understanding of what is causing the condition then you can begin to understand how to deal with it and get rid of it once and for all.
Clinically bad breath is known as halitosis and it covers the whole range of unsightly smells emitting from patients’ mouths. This can mean a slight smell after a meal containing lots of garlic for example, or those who have a chronic problem with the condition whereby their breath is constantly smelly.
Bad breath is caused by certain bacteria in the mouth and so the key to beating the condition is not only removing the bacteria but ensuring that your mouth is not an ideal place for it to survive in the future. Brushing and flossing are a very important part of this of course as they ought to be getting rid of the bacteria from the mouth. Brushing your tongue can also help in this regard because bad breath bacteria often gather there.
Be careful when it comes to using mouth wash to combat bad breath. Mouth washes advertise that they beat bad breath and while they freshen the breath in the short term and kill bad breath bacteria, they leave the mouth rather dry and therefore in ideal conditions for bad breath bacteria to return once again. A chat with your City of London dentist can yield many more useful pieces of advice.