28 Aug

Perfect Porcelain Crowns in the City of London

Keeping up appearances is everything in the city of London, and the one thing that anyone is going to remember about you is how you open your mouth. Keeping your teeth looking spectacular is the most important thing here. Sure things can go wrong, but it’s vitally important to get them repaired too. Tooth decay is a constant peril, and even though we try to fight it on all levels, it can get through, which means that in some cases, a crown will be needed after root canal treatment. A crown is important as it maintain the mouth’s occlusion or bite so having one is a necessity. Some of the most natural looking types are made from porcelain. All porcelain crowns can be fragile, albeit beautiful, so they should never be used anywhere in the mouth where the tooth is going to come under a lot of pressure from biting or chewing. But here, help is at hand, as some crowns are made from porcelain covered metal and can withstand stronger forces going through them. The porcelain can also be colour coded to match the rest of your teeth too. There are alternatives to porcelain, such as gold, but if you want the mouth to retain a natural beauty and sheen, porcelain is the way forward.