27 Aug

Periodontal Bone Grafts Know-How In London

Periodontal therapy essentially is used in the restoration of diseased gum tissue back to a healthy state. Advanced forms of periodontal disease may require a special kind of surgery on the gums to rebuild tissue that has been destroyed due to the onset of the disease. The term used to refer to this procedure is Periodontal Regeneration.
Usually, periodontal surgery involves the opening up of gum tissue to examine the extent of damage caused to the underlying bone structure. In cases of minor bone damage all that is required is for the bone to be smoothened over, much in the same way as furniture is sanded down. A smooth floor of bone is created to support the gum tissue and ensure effective sealing of gum to tooth. This procedure is quite frequently performed by dentists in London.
But, in the case of extensive bone damage, smoothing of the bone ceases to be an option. The only option that the dentist now has is to fill the destroyed areas with new bone material. This material is usually made of freeze-dried and demineralized bone matter and helps in providing an alternate framework for the body to restore the lost bone support. Many dentists in London have found this material to be extremely effective and the best part is that in as little as a year, the grafted material is completely replaced by the newly regenerated bone structure by the body. This type of material has been in use in modern periodontal care for more than 30 years and has an excellent safety record.