06 Jul

Pick up a Mouth Guard from your Central London Dentist to Stop Your Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, the medical term for teeth grinding, is a common occurrence among people of all ages. Teeth grinding is thought to be primarily psychologically based with numerous causes. Anxiety and stress are often found to be very strong contributing factors. Grinding will with time eventually destroy the enamel that covers the surface of your teeth. Once the enamel is eroded away the dentin is exposed. Dentin is a much softer material and will disappear even quicker than the enamel as well being vulnerable to acid erosion.
Your Central London dentist recommends that you begin to use a mouth guard at night. Mouth guards are rubber barriers that are worn along your teeth to add a soft lining between your teeth. When wearing a mouth guard it is very difficult to damage your teeth through grinding. Your dentist will be able to help you chose the best mouth guard for your needs. While for short term use you can use a basic type, over the long term you may want to invest in a custom formed mouth guard that is moulded to the exact shape of your teeth and be much more comfortable.
Since it is generally inconvenient to wear a mouth guard during waking hours it becomes more important to deal with the underlying issues. If it stress and anxiety that is causing you to grind your teeth you should try mediation and deep breathing exercises. It is very straight forward and does not necessarily need any special technique. Each day simply give yourself a little while of peace and quiet and just sit and breath deeply. Even such a simple method has been shown to reduce overall stress levels, and in turn hopefully stop your teeth grinding.