12 Oct

Plaque and Periodontal disease- be warned in Central London

It’s very easy to get fed up in central London with dentists and adverts hammering home the message of how to look after your teeth- how to clean your teeth, what to clean them with, when you should clean them….on and on. But, there is a very real reason involving the danger to your health why you should sit up for moment and listen. Get oral hygiene right and pay regular visits to your dentist and you will be avoiding the horrible catalyst that, if left to develop can leave your mouth and the rest of you in horrible tatters- plaque. This develops quickly and then forms tartar around the teeth. If this continues, it can lead to the breakdown of the tissues that support the teeth, cause gum disease and tooth decay- periodontal disease. Caught early and if you look after your teeth through using all of these great products you see in adverts, you will never have any problems and you should be able to avoid these perils- ignore and you are facing catastrophe: you will be putting the health of your mouth and your body in the hands of the Devil and in the end, you’ll be having to foot-up for some very expensive restorative treatments and be in danger of losing your teeth altogether. Ask your dentist about your teeth and your oral hygiene if you have any doubts but overall, please, keep up regular appointments.