05 Nov

Popping out for a Scale and Polish in Central London

When you pop out for a check-up at your dentists in central London, one of the main priorities is to ensure that your teeth are free from plaque and gum disease. Generally, if you’ve been looking after yourself, you shouldn’t have any problems, but life is never that simple and from time to time, you can slip up with your oral hygiene. Hence you have your dentist to fall back on and who is there to clear up the mess. After you have had an x-ray, and a general poking and prodding, the dentist will get to work on any problems that you may have and then finish up with a scale and polish. Scaling will remove any tartar from around the base of your teeth that can possibly lead to infection in your gums and if need be, go below the gum line in order to ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleansed. After this, your dentist will polish your teeth, not only to make them look pretty, but to also remove any bacteria that may have built up on the surfaces of your teeth. This general process of scaling and polishing is simply there to help you out with your oral health and designed to keep your mouth on the straight and narrow.