26 Sep

Porcelain and Resin Veneers in Central London

There is an awful lot of ways to ‘pretty-up’ your teeth these days in central London and you can get rather bogged down with choice, but two of the best options to choose between are the porcelain and the composite resin veneers. Both do the job of shearing up gaps and cracks of tired looking teeth and all of the signs of aging. The porcelain veneer has a natural beauty and can even restore the length to the tooth after excessive wear. They last up to a good 15 years with care and have proven themselves to be very durable, but in fitting them, it does involve the removal of the tooth’s enamel, the whole treatment takes around two weeks to complete and once in, if they break, they cannot be repaired, they have to be replaced and are more costlier compared to their more cheaper cousin, the composite resin veneer. This work can be done in a single sitting and involves layering resin on to tooth which is then cured, sculptured and then polished; if this breaks, it can be repaired but therein lies one of the problems with this treatment, it’s not renowned for it’s durability. Also resin by nature, does not look as natural and as beautiful as porcelain and it has not the resistance to staining either from those of us with an ‘excitable’ lifestyle. Either or, both have made their mark on dentistry and are good at what they are intended for.