07 Oct

Porcelain veneers from City of London dentist repairs uneven teeth

When a patient has a chipped or cracked tooth that it is unable to fix with dental bonding, it may be necessary to apply a dental veneer to save the tooth. Dental veneers are also used to seal teeth after fillings or root canal treatments. The veneers are made of porcelain and take the form of thin shells that fit over the top of existing teeth. Modern veneers can be incredibly thin and have a translucent quality that makes them appear just like real teeth.
Veneers are not only used to repair damage that has occurred to teeth but may be used for cosmetic purposes. For cases of badly stained or discoloured teeth, a whole set of veneers may be used to cover the discolouration. The same might happen for a patient with badly worn or uneven teeth.
Manufactured in laboratory conditions, porcelain veneers are cemented to the existing teeth by dental bonding. They do cost slightly more than the old composite veneers but they are more durable and the difference in quality is visibly noticeable. Because veneers fit over existing teeth, the dentist will need to wear down some of the enamel to allow room for the new veneer. This process is permanent and cannot be reversed. However, as today’s enamels become thinner and thinner, due to new technology, the amount of preparation work is reduced and some of the very latest enamels can even be removed.
Veneers are very useful and versatile cosmetic tools. For some patients who have spacing issues, or even alignment issues, a row of veneers could vastly improve the appearance of the teeth in an afternoon, without the need for months, or even years, of uncomfortable and ugly braces. Likewise for whitening procedures, which are often only minimally successful, a row of veneers can produce the effect of white teeth without the need for chemicals or repeated whitening. A City of London dentist will be able to offer advice on porcelain veneers with regard to suitability and costing.