13 Apr

Practical information about dental implants from London dentists

For those who have suffered from the pain and indignity of tooth loss, there are a number of options available to replace those teeth. Your dentist will probably talk you through each of them and advise you about the pros and cons. One procedure that people often have plenty of questions about is dental implants, an option that is growing in popularity because of its permanence as a solution.
Dental implants have gained this reputation for permanence and stability because they utilise the ability of light weight and strong titanium to fuse with bone, clinicians call this ‘osseointegration’. Essentially then the implant which houses the replacement tooth becomes part of your mouth and you won’t even have to think about the fact that one of your teeth is not natural. It can be treated just like a regular tooth and will look like one too, thanks to the adaptability of modern pontics.
The process of installing a dental implant is not as straightforward as some would like, however, although techniques are improving all the time. For an implant to be placed with precision against the jaw bone so that it can adequately fuse with it there needs to be surgery which is usually undertaken with the aid of local anaesthetic. Like all surgery this is not an especially quick process and you will need to take a significant period of time out of your day.
At least one repeat visit to the surgery will be required too because after the initial surgery, a temporary replacement tooth is put in place so that the area can heal before the permanent replacement is placed. Dental implants are not a cheap option but they will last for many years and the financial burden is being eased by many London dentists offering interest free repayment plans.