09 Dec

Prevent dental decay with a visit to your Central London dentist

Your teeth have natural defences to stop them from decaying. The hard substance known as enamel which coats all of your teeth protects them from harm but if plaque is left to build up without being removed then acids in certain of the foods you consume can attack your teeth. The small holes – known as caries – which appear can be extremely painful and lead to further problems if left untreated. Dental decay can occur at any age, not just amongst children.
Having a poor diet puts you at increased risk of dental decay, as does the failure to pursue a good home oral hygiene regime of brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. The food most dangerous to your teeth is that which contains a lot of sugars or starch. They break down the enamel and plaque can enter your teeth and interfere with the nerves inside. If this happens you will experience great pain and difficulty doing things which you take for granted like eating, drinking and talking. As such, if you eat a lot of sugary or starchy foods you might wish to brush and floss your teeth after meals too to guard further against dental decay.
The aging process itself subjects your teeth to great wear and tear and the chances of dental decay actually increase as you get older. Smoking tobacco means less saliva is produced and plaque is not so easily defeated by your mouth. This too can lead to dental decay. Drinking only bottled water will not protect your teeth as much as is possible; tap water is preferable because it is fortified with fluoride which strengthens enamel.
If you are suffering from tooth ache, bad breath or odd tastes in your mouth you may be experiencing the first signs of tooth decay. You should contact you Central London dentist if this is the case and have them examine your mouth so that the problem can be dealt with early.