19 Aug

Prevent gum disease with excellent oral care and help from your Central London dentist

A fact that may surprise many people is that gum disease actually accounts for more cases of tooth loss than the decay of teeth themselves. The real tragedy that is the backdrop to that fact is that gum disease is easily avoidable by following a simple set of advice and staying in a situation of good communication with your dentist.
In understanding the causes of gum disease, one can go a long way towards stopping it from happening. Just like the decay of your teeth, gums are damaged by being over exposed to plaque. It causes the gums to become inflamed and reddened and to feel rather sore as a result. This stage is known as gingivitis but if things get progressively worse, this can develop into periodontitis where the gums begin to recede as the inflammation spreads to the jaw bone too.
Brushing your teeth well and using a brush with firm bristles should remove most of the plaque from your mouth but it is vital that you floss as well. This is because plaque does not only live on the surfaces of teeth, it will also prevail in the small, tight gaps between teeth. Flossing is the only way to remove it from these gaps and by doing so you will significantly reduce the chances of developing gum disease.
At your regular dental check ups with your Central London dentist, the signs of early gum disease can easily be spotted thanks to the thorough examination that you will be subject to. Usually your dentist will simply remind you to floss but if the problem is a lot worse then more drastic action might be needed.