18 Jun

Prevent knocked out teeth with mouth guard from Central London dentist

When playing any kind of physical sport or activity that could pose a threat to your teeth, it is very important that you follow the advice of dentists and wear a mouth guard. It may not be the coolest thing in the world and it certainly doesn’t make talking any easier but it is certainly a lot more pleasurable than the pain and misery that comes with having a knocked out tooth or worse.
Sporting injuries account for about half of all the lost teeth in the UK and in most instances could have been prevented if the person was wearing a mouth guard at the time. Ask anybody who has suffered the pain of a knocked out tooth and they can tell you that it is not much fun. They can also tell you about the months or even years of associated dental problems and treatments that are often necessary to restore the appearance of the teeth. Then you have to think about the enormous cost of all the dental treatment that you may require, and all because you didn’t think it was necessary to spend a few pounds on a mouth guard.
Mouth guards are available from sports shops but these are often generic and not designed for your teeth. This can limit the amount of protection they can actually provide for your teeth. The safest option is to visit your Central London dentist who can design and fit a mouth guard for your specific teeth using a dental mould or digital x-ray. This will offer your teeth the maximum degree of protection and hopefully keep them safe from physical trauma.
With children it is important to remember to replace the mouth guard regularly as their teeth often develop and outgrow the mouth guard.