01 Oct

Prevent tooth abscess with visit to London dentist

Dental infections can be very nasty and unpleasant. Not only can they be very painful, but they can also result in lost teeth and wider health complications such as heart disease. One of the ways a dental infection manifests itself and spreads, is in the form of a dental abscess. This occurs when infected matter in the tooth causes the gum around the tooth to swell and fill with a substance called pus. This can be very sensitive and painful and make even simple, every day activities such as eating and talking very difficult.
The first stage of a dental infection occurs when insufficient brushing or flossing allows a cavity to develop in the tooth enamel. The enamel is the hard outer covering for the teeth which protects it from damage. Plaque and bacteria erode this layer over time and causes small holes to appear. This allows bacteria to penetrate to the central part of the tooth that contains the dental nerve. This is where the infection happens and how the tooth comes under risk of falling out.
Once an infection has started, the body will attempt to fight back by producing an excess of white blood cells. This will bombard the bacteria and attempt to kill the infection. This produces the pus that swells up in the gum tissue around the tooth causing the abscess. These abscesses can be very fragile and susceptible to bursting. This will spread the infection around the mouth to other areas and even into the bloodstream. It is therefore very important to have the infection treated before it gets to this stage. A regular six monthly appointment with a London dentist will ensure that the problem does not get to this stage and will treat any early signs of infection.