15 Apr

Prevent tooth and gum disease with treatment from City of London dentist

Most of us, if we knew something was wrong with our body, would go and see a doctor yet so many of us are reluctant to see the dentist, even if we know something is wrong with our teeth or gums. Even when some people are in pain, they still believe that the dentist will somehow make the situation worse. This is of course not the case, and with 90% of adults in the UK suffering from gum disease at some point in their lives it is all the more important that we visit the dentist as often as possible.
Tooth and gum disease is caused by a build up of plaque and bacteria. This is allowed to happen through a lack of or ineffectual dental hygiene. In this sense the problem is self-inflicted, yet we are still reluctant to ask for help to beat it. This could be making a very serious error, as tooth and gum disease have recently been proven to have a significant effect on heart disease and can even cause heart attacks. This is because infected matter from oral disease enters the bloodstream where it can head straight to the heart. This causes a chemical reaction that can cause arteries around the heart to narrow putting strain on the heart.
City of London dentists will be able to treat any signs of tooth or gum disease in its early stages to avoid it becoming a more serious problem. They can also provide you with tips and advice on how best to keep your teeth clean and which products are most suited to your individual teeth. Tooth and gum disease are both completely preventable with a little extra effort. Just one or two more minutes a day and you could avoid a whole range of unnecessary and unpleasant health complications.