26 Jan

Products to avoid when fighting Bad Breath in London

How Products complicate Bad Breath in London
You’d have thought that with all these new fangled products on sale in London, bad breath needn’t be an issue, but you’d be wrong. Bad breath is a complex condition and using a powerful smelling toothpaste or mouthwash isn’t the answer, in fact they could even complicate the issue. Somewhere in the equation will be a dry mouth- this can be caused by say, diet or gum disease which runs the saliva dry in the mouth and what this requires is the subtle approach, not potent products. Certain mouthwashes contain alcohol and masking agents that just compact the problem even more by drying out the mouth even more. Certain toothpastes too, especially whitening ones can contain chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, a mild detergent or a bleaching agent that again, adds to the drying process. You will also find some of the same chemicals inherent in breath sprays and certain dental chewing gums. If you have bad breath you may at first be perplexed by the fact you are trying your best and getting nowhere so, you need to read up on the products you are using and/or consult with your dentist in order to get the right things that will cause the less damage to your teeth and gums whilst you are battling to overcome this condition.