22 Jun

Protect damaged teeth with porcelain crown from London dentist

If a tooth becomes damaged either by decay or as the result of an accident it may be possible that bacteria can penetrate the protective layer of enamel and cause an infection in the inner, sensitive part of the tooth. This could be the source of great pain and further dental complications, which could ultimately result in losing the tooth.
It may be possible to add further protection to the tooth and prevent bacteria infiltrating by filling the cavity with composite bonding, but if the damage is too large it will require a dental crown. Dental crowns cover all parts if the tooth that are exposed above the gum line. Traditionally they have been made from metal, ceramic or a combination of both. However, more and more patients are opting for ceramic porcelain crowns because of the superior visual appearance of porcelain. This is because porcelain bears a distinctive resemblance to tooth enamel and can be closely matched for colour.
The crown will be designed and manufactured by your London dentist either from dental moulds or using the latest digital x-ray technology. The crown will then be sculpted to fit your tooth perfectly and look similar to the other teeth. The dentist will then need to remove some of the enamel from the tooth so that the new crown can fit over it comfortably. It will then be cemented in place with dental bonding.
Dental crowns then protect the tooth from any further damage and the threat of nasty dental infection. Crowns are also used for several other reasons including after a root canal treatment and to support a dental bridge or other dental restoration.