20 Aug

Protect your teeth from trauma with mouth guard from Central London dentist

Playing sport can result in all sorts of injuries that often require you to wear safety equipment. This could be a helmet, gloves or even shin guards. It is also very important to remember to protect your teeth when playing any sport that involves speed, balls or high levels of impact.
The most effective way of protecting your teeth is to wear a mouth guard. It is possible to buy a generic mouth guard from a sporting goods shop but dentists recommend that you always have one fitted professionally for the maximum level of protection. A central London dentist will be able to fit your mouth guard in an appointment that will last about half an hour. This will be especially designed around your teeth and will spread the force of any impact preventing damage to teeth.
The main risks of not protecting your teeth are that they will be chipped, cracked or even knocked clean out. Not only will these incidents be very painful but they can also spoil the appearance of the teeth and require often very costly dental treatment to repair them. In the case of knocked out teeth, a dental substitute such as a dental bridge or dental implant can run into thousands of pounds, which seems like a bit of a waste when a mouth guard will only set you back a tiny fraction of that.
If you want to protect your teeth from damage during sport, make an appointment with a Central London dentist to have a mouth guard fitted.