16 Oct

Protect your teeth with a mouth guard from a City of London dentist

If you have ever had a tooth knocked out, chipped or cracked, when playing sporting activity you will know that it’s no laughing matter. Dental traumas resulting from sporting injuries can be particularly nasty and can end up in months and years of uncomfortable dental repair and surgery, not to mention the aesthetic and financial impact.
Nearly half of all dental injuries occur when playing sports and nearly all of those could be avoided with the necessary dental protection. In most cases this would involve wearing a mouth guard prepared for your teeth by a dentist. Although mouth guards are available in most sporting goods shops, they are often of inferior quality and because they are not specifically designed for your mouth they can be ill fitting, rendering them useless.
As with most things involving dental problems, prevention is far superior to cure. Wearing a mouth guard may be slightly uncomfortable and slightly irritating (especially an ill-fitting one), but if it saves your teeth it is more than worth the nuisance. A knocked out tooth may not be replaceable, and could mean costly and unpleasant dental implants or even a dental bridge. Cracked or chipped teeth could involve dental bonding or a porcelain crown. While these repair methods are effective they are expensive and will need replacing regularly for the rest of your life.
For a few pounds you could remove the possibility of a lifetime of unnecessary and unpleasant visits to the dentist. A City of London dentist will be able to fit a protective mouth guard for use during any physical sport. For children the mouth guard will need to be refitted regularly to compensate fro growth.