23 Sep

Protect your teeth with a mouth guard from a City of London dentist

Knocked out, chipped or cracked teeth can be very hard to repair and excruciatingly painful. It may need several visits to the dentist and further cosmetic procedures over several years to repair the broken tooth. Dental injuries such as these can cause other long-term psychological and physiological problems to the sufferer, which can lead to a lifetime of health problems. Nearly half of dental injuries occur while playing sports, especially high physical risk sports like rugby and skiing.
As well as being physically damaging, treatments for dental injuries can be very costly and need regular maintenance. Dentists will usually be able to repair most of the damage but there is a cheaper alternative. To avoid suffering from a dental injury dentists recommend using a mouth guard to protect your teeth when playing any physical sports or high-risk activities.
Mouth guards are widely commercially available in most sports shops. These guards will offer a degree of protection but they are often ill fitting and don’t allow for the individual structure if teeth. City of London dentists recommend having a mouth guard fitted specifically for your teeth. Dentists will be able to take a mold of your teeth and construct a mouth guard that can offer the maximum degree of protection.
For children it is important to remember that mouth guards will need to changed regularly to accommodate for growth.
When it comes to dental injuries, the importance of prevention over cure can not be overestimated. A few minutes and pounds spent having a mouth guard professionally fitted could save thousands of pounds and a lifetime of cosmetic dental surgery. When you look at it like that a mouth guard really is the only sensible option.