12 Jun

Protecting your Children’s Teeth with a Sealant in Central London

During the years in which we grow to the age of 17, around three quarters of us in central London will have succumbed to some form of tooth decay. This is because cleaning children’s teeth from an early age is rather a precarious operation. As much as we try to choose for our children the right toothpaste, brushes and bring them up on a sensible diet, it’s still a very vulnerable and sensitive period for teeth. This is why there has been an explosion in the use of dental sealants for children’s teeth. The most dangerous periods for a child are when teeth start to erupt through the gums and up into the mouth. This leaves the gums sore and prone to infection. Covering the teeth with a light plastic sealant prevents any bacteria forming on the surface of the teeth as the gums are very delicate and often too sore to brush properly. Whilst talking about brushing, during the years in which we grow, it can take a while for us to conceive the idea of brushing correctly (some adults still haven’t!), so having a dental sealant is an excellent back up to help keep the teeth safe from plaque and cavities.