24 Aug

Protecting your Mouth in the City of London

Roller-ball, now that’s a film- based on the idea of hard working people being able let steam off at the weekends through the use of sport. Actually, that’s not exactly true, because it’s a violent game set in the future to appease people’s lust for violence. But one of the lines from the film is that executive’s ‘dream of being great roller-ballers’ in their time off. Just as most of us in the city of London work hard all week, a great way to let off gas is by playing sport which can involve brutal contact. This could be happy days for your dentist because they may well have to patch you up at a hefty price should you not take the necessary precautions to protect your teeth. Mouth-guards are an invaluable asset to you and your teeth when you play sport and their affect on the protection of your mouth should never be underestimated. By wearing a mouth-guard in any contact sport, it can protect your teeth, tongue, gums, head and neck from serious damage. So before you embark on this recreational form of entertainment, you may well wise to broach the market on what is available. You could start by getting an off-the-shelf number, or one that you take home, heat up, and then mould to your mouth. But if you are deadly serious about the sport you do, you can have a tailor made guard that is designed to take all the forces that your sport demands. At the end of the day, if you want to avoid the extreme costs involved in repair work to your teeth, then protect them with a mouth-guard.