17 Dec

Protecting yourself with a Mouth-guard in Central London

Take a look at any sport that involves contact of some kind or other, and pretty much everyone will be wearing a mouth-guard and for good reason too. It will initially protect the gums and teeth from severe damage, but a good shield will help to absorb impact which could do damage to the jaw joints. If these are damaged then you are risking the injury spreading up through the head and then down into the neck. So if you have a sporting bent at the weekends in central London, you’d be wise to invest in a mouth-guard that is tailored to the sport that you partake in, otherwise, you’ll be investing in some hefty dental bills in order to get your mouth patched up by your dentist. But mouth-guards are not only used in sport, dentists use derivatives of them as well. If you happen to suffer from Bruxism (teeth grinding), a dentist will get you a guard made up to stop you from damaging your teeth. Certain teeth whitening treatments also incorporate trays to hold the bleaching agent and wrap around the teeth similar to that of a gum-shield: in the art of orthodontics, some aligners also mirror the shape of a gum-shield.