03 Jan

Public Health England launches new campaign to discourage unhealthy snacking in children

shutterstock_670574656Public Health England has launched a new campaign to discourage unhealthy snacking. As the New Year gets into full swing, the body is hoping to encourage those looking to adopt healthier habits to ditch sugary snacks. Although the scheme is designed to target children, adults can benefit from reducing the amount of calories consumed through snacks too.
Research suggests that the average child gets half their daily sugar intake through snacks and drinks and campaigners are hoping to put an end to this trend. Public Health England is encouraging parents and children to stick to a maximum of two snacks per day, limit snacks to foods that contain no more than 100 calories and swap sugary drinks for sugar-free versions. According to studies, children are having at least three sugary snacks or drinks per day, with many consuming more than three times the recommended sugar intake on a daily basis.
According to Public Health England, children are consuming up to 400 biscuits, 120 cakes, 70 chocolate bars and ice creams and 100 bags of sweets per year. On top of this, children are also consuming 150 bottles of juice or cans of fizzy drinks.
Excessive sugar intake is fuelling increasing childhood obesity rates and dental health issues, and campaigners are eager to encourage healthier eating habits in a bid to reduce the number of children affected by these preventable illnesses. Dental decay is the most common cause of hospital admissions in children and in England, a third of children in year 6 are either overweight or obese.