23 Feb

Putting a Bridge in the hole in Central London

Like anywhere in the country, central London has its fair share of problems when it comes to tooth loss, but also like anywhere else, there are several ways you can solve the problem. One of the most reliable methods that has been around for years is the dental bridge; a tried and tested treatment that can give you years of service if you learn to how to clean it properly and generally look after it. The bridge comes in many guises as every tooth loss situation is different, but there are generally three types. Two of these involve the use of wires and resin to bond the bridge in with. The third is a new tooth or teeth that are moulded between two crowns that are then cemented onto two teeth that surround the gap. But since the introduction of the mini implant, this particular type of bridge has evolved quite dramatically; an implant can help to secure the bridge more firmly into the mouth making it even stronger and giving it an even better shelf-life. It has also helped to change the way bridges are now designed, of course for the better. The whole treatment takes about three weeks to complete, but it doesn’t come cheap. The basic bridge can start from around £400, but if you start to include the implant, the price can well leap above a £1000.