18 Jul

Putting The Whiteness Back Into Your Smile In The City Of London

London is one of those places that expects a lot from you and expects you to step up fashionably to the mark, and in this mix of how you look are your teeth. Now for some people who have enjoyed a rather ‘fragrant’ lifestyle over the years, it can show quite clearly in your teeth and as the years pass you by, they can become quite battered and tattered; essentially they look aged. One of the best ways to get you sorted out here is to have veneers fitted: veneers are a very thin porcelain covering and once you have been measured up so that they can be made, a dentist will simply cement them over the surface of your teeth to achieve, a frankly remarkable transformation to the radiance of your smile; the gaps and cracks will be gone. However, some people don’t have such depreciation in the state of their teeth, but they still may just lose their sheen a little over time. In cases like this, all that’s required is some teeth whitening procedure: dentists can give you laser whitening at their surgery- supply you with the latest DIY kits, but you may have noticed that there are a lot of products in the shops that let you go it alone; starting from simple whitening toothpastes to again, a kit that you can buy and bleach your teeth at home. Veneers and bleaching achieve the same results- a beautiful smile, but both follow different agendas.