03 Aug

Rapid Tooth Alignment in the City of London

Tooth alignment- can’t live with it, but definitely can’t live without. There are two points that govern the reasoning behind straight teeth in the city of London. The first being health: the teeth need straightening (normally) in order to retain the perfect ‘bite’ and reduce the stresses that affect the jaws. The second is aesthetics: unsightly teeth can hold you back and the more you leave it, the more you will be reluctant to enlist on lengthy treatment programmes. However, not all of these programmes are ‘lengthy’ and let’s hope you are sitting down when you read the next bit- what if someone (your dentist0 said you can have your teeth looking straight and beautiful in just six weeks?!! Then, welcome to the world of the Inman aligner, because this amazing brace can do what it promises on the label. Once you have stumped up your money, around £1200 (that’s £200 a week!), you will be fitted with a bespoke, very discreet and….removable aligner! In no time your teeth will be rocked into alignment because of the unique mechanism built into this device: as a bar pushes the teeth from the inside, a wire pulls against the teeth from the outside and it’s these two opposing forces that keep your teeth on the go all of the time and moves them extremely quickly into place….that’s got to be good….hasn’t it?