24 May

Receive Gum Contouring Procedures at Your London Dentist

Even though your teeth may be perfectly straight, your gums may be a very prominent part of your smile. Regardless of whether this develops because of medication you are taking, or you naturally have a “gummy smile”, it can be a serious disfigurement. In a similar way, if your gums are receding, or have been damaged by injury, there are dental procedures that can help you. Fortunately, you can visit a London dentist and learn more about gum contouring procedures.
As you may be ware, most cases of gum overgrowth involve the gum tissue directly above the front teeth. In some cases, your dentist may be able to remove this excess gum tissue in just a few minutes. If you need additional work, this can also be performed without much difficulty. That said, if your teeth also need reshaping, this may require additional visits.
Gum contouring procedures can also be used to restore the shape of the gums around your teeth for other reasons. In particular, if the gum tissue is receding, your dentist can use grafts and other procedures to restore a healthy amount of tissue in that area. This, in turn, may alleviate any number of dental problems. At the very least, it will ensue that your teeth have adequate support from the surrounding tissues.
While many people consider a “gummy smile” to be a cosmetic issue, it can also interfere with chewing and breathing. Therefore, if you have excess gum tissue, it would be of benefit to talk to your dentist about having it removed. On the other side of the equation, if your gums are receding, it is absolutely vital to talk to your dentist about having gum contouring procedures to alleviate the situation. Aside from helping restore or recreate a beautiful smile, gum contouring procedures can help ensure that your teeth remain healthy, durable, and useful for the remainder of your life.