10 Jun

Recognising TMJ Symptoms Around Baker Street In London

There is no doubt that there are lots of things that can go wrong in your mouth at anytime; some of these issues are not so serious and can be fixed up in a jiffy at your local dentists down Bakers Street. However, there are some conditions that only manifest themselves after they have been tapping away at your mouth for a sustained period of time, and one condition that can have very serious results is TMJ.
TMJ is a condition that arises to your temporomandibular joints; it’s the place where your bottom jaw is joined to your upper jaw. These are very tiny joints, surrounded by muscle and in the scheme of things can take all that chewing and nattering that you do in an average day. However, if you suffer from a lot of stress in your line of work- and London can be a demanding place, you could find yourself suffering from teeth grinding without knowing it, especially when you sleep and this is highly destructive. You need to be on the ball to recognise the symptoms otherwise you could be looking at major corrective surgery in the future. Fatigue from stress fuelled sleeping, headaches and clicking jaws are just a few of the issues to look out for; if you keep up with regular dental visits, grinding can be spotted quickly and then a course of treatment can be laid out for you.
Growing up with misaligned teeth can also affect the pressure on your jaws when the close together, but be warned- this condition can be brutal to your health: it can cause tinnitus, put pressure on your neck and the nervous system inside and also cause problems in your upper back if you fail to act fast at remedying it.