10 Jan

Remember the importance of dental care – visit a London dentist

As children, we are always taught that if we take good care of our teeth then they will last a lifetime. While it is true that the standard of dental care has dramatically increased since our grandparents were children, many dental problems are still very prevalent.
Judging by the levels of tooth decay and periodontal disease, we are forgetting the lessons of childhood and not taking proper care of our teeth. With the first pace of modern day life, it seems that proper brushing and flossing are becoming the victims of complacency. We might not think it is that important if we forget to floss every now and then, or if we miss a dental check up a couple of times but the importance of proper dental care can not be overstated.
Our mouths are the gateway to our body and what goes on in there can have a serious impact on our overall health. In recent years, studies have conclusively proved the link between periodontal disease and heart disease. Oral infections can cause the arteries to narrow greatly increasing the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. Likewise, poor dental hygiene has been linked to both osteoporosis and diabetes. And we haven’t even mentioned the painful and costly dental complications that can occur if you neglect your teeth. Ask anyone who has undergone a root canal treatment and they will certainly tell you to look after your teeth properly.
The lesson is to start brushing and flossing as dentists recommend and to make an appointment for a check up every six months with a London dentist, regardless if you think your teeth are fine. Dentists can spot and treat the first signs if infection and help to keep you and your teeth healthy.